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Hello everyone! I am Gerardo Alcantara.

I was born the 4th of May, you know may the fourth be with you.
I'm also mexican and have been living all my life in Queretaro which is a pretty cool cultural place.

Even tho i was born in Queretaro, i lived the first years of my life in Pedro Escobedo with my grandparents, aunties & uncle.

When i turned 5 i moved back to Queretaro and lived with my mom & dad. My life there was pretty boring even tho there was a
park really close, mainly because i wasn't allowed to go out that much.

I asisted the "Instituto Hispano Mexicano de Queretaro" all elementary & middle school.
Made some really good friends that to this day i'm still in contact with.

I was a really good student all throughout middle school, i even won a bronze medal on math
but everything changed when i started middle school. The group were i was assigned was kind of unruly.
We were a mess, but also very united. With all of that, time passed really fast and high school arrived.

I was enrolled at PrepaTec for high school. This high school had three different programs:

and honestly it was the best decision i could make.
I met most of my actual friends there, plus the classes & teachers were really cool.

High school was a really interesting place, for the first two years everyone was kinda separated into specific groups.
It's no that we all didn't like each other, but since the very beggining people got divided into groups and would only
hang out with that specific time on weekends or on their free time, and that also applied to me.

The cool part about this is that on the final year, the directors organized an outdoors activity and everybody bonded there.

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I'm very passionate about music, specially when it comes to modern music.
My favorite band atm is Brockhampton, a cool american boy band with awesome lyrics & beats.

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